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Our Philosophy

Ecological Awareness :

The elements of the program are carefully planned to encourage children to deepen their concern for the welfare of others and extend it to other living things such as plants and animals. In this way, they come to  realize that all living beings are interrelated and that the welfare of others is inseparable from their own. Through the presentation of themes, the behavior of staff and activities such as animal care and gardening, ecological awareness is developed and the children learn to care for and nourish their environment and its inhabitants.

Cultural Respect:

This broadens the mental horizons of children promoting an outlook free from prejudice and narrowness. For this reason, cultural respect and appreciation are encouraged and planned within the program.

To develope the full potential of each child:

Another equally important goal is to develop the full potential of each child– physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually. This is accomplished by providing a wide variety of developmentally appropriate childhood experiences throughout the day.
In short, we hope to infuse the children with a sentiment of respect so they will grow into individuals who care, for benefit the world in which they live.

Learning respect and love for all. :

The educational philosophy of KIDS UNIVERSITY recognizes the importance of learning respect and love for all. It is called Neo-Humanism. Neo-Humanism expands the underlying spirit of humanism, which is love for fellow beings to encompass love of all the creation as well as a realization of the interconnectedness of all aspects within it.
One of the goal of KIDS UNIVERSITY is to develop this feeling of interconnectedness and to nurture a sentiment of love and respect for the environment and everything in it. This is accomplished through the application of the principles of Neo-Humanism in the classroom.