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Mission and Vision

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It is our mission to create a healthy, respectful, supportive, creative and reflective learning community where children and families thrive and are celebrated.
We are committed to enhancing the development and education of children under statutory school age by encouraging parents to  understand and provide for the needs of their children through community groups.  We offer support to each individual child to help them reach their full potential by providing high levels of care and  education within a nurturing environment.


KIDS UNIVERSITY’s vision is to provide a nurturing and engaging learning environment where children are empowered to become independent thinkers, hands on learners, and to express themselves creatively. At KIDS UNIVERSITY, we strive to encourage each child to be confident with their self and their uniqueness; to become reflective learners; and to engage in collaborative learning. KIDS UNIVERSITY’s Preschool community is an inclusive community that honors and celebrates individual, family and cultural differences and welcomes family involvement and participation.