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Brain Development

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Brain Development Center

Gone are the days where the measure of intelligence was a single barometer, and the definition of success was a specific designation. Today, we know that intelligence exists in multiple spheres and depends on the individual strengths and capabilities. Developing these capabilities and enhancing them at an early age gives a child that unique advantage of identifying their innate genius.
We helps your child to maximize the use of their ability and mental power to succeed in studies and ultimately in all facets of life.

Every Child Is Unique and “We Help You Unwrap the Package”.
At KIDS UNIVERSITY we offer various programs such as DMIT, Psychometric Evaluation, Brain Before Birth, IQ Test and Sensory Enhancement Program. Sensory Enhancement Program is a unique and considered to be one among the best sensory enhancement programs available for children. The programs are designed to help in their overall development and some of the observed benefits of undergoing the program in a group of students are as under.
Preschool programs provide early childhood education and care for children, and help them develop a range of skills that make them ready to learn when they start school, such as:

Our Programs are designed to augment the Emotional Quotient of the child through various exercises which we have ingrained into our programs. Children have shown increase in Emotional Quotient on completion of our programs.

It has been observed that children who have undergone our programs have shown improvements in their academic Performance.

The Combined training that we provide has shown that students are able to better control their emotions. They will be able to Socialise & network with people better, they will be able to love and respect people and surrounding which in turn will lead to their gaining love, respect and a better and healthier social environment.

The Efficiency of the Brain to process and coordination between the different thought processes are an observed point of Improvement.

At the higher level of our course we have specific modules which help the children to increase the memory power – Retention and Recall of learned content is better after this level.

One of the program objectives during the design phase has been to see that it would ultimately help the children to improve their levels of focus and concentration. This also helps the students to gain Confidence and this is one of the major advantages of the program. They believe in themselves showing more confidence.